About SSC

The Sturgeon Schutzhund Club (SSC) was established in 2015, with training grounds just north of Edmonton, Alberta. We are a non-profit, member exclusive organization, and we are accredited by the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada. Our mission is to preserve and maintain working standards of the German Shepherd; and, other working line dog breeds.


In the early 1900’s, as more and more people were moving from the countryside and into the cities, the German Shepherd was in jeopardy, as people began to breed their shepherds solely based on aesthetics. Recognizing that the traits for which the German Shepherd was known for were diminishing, Schutzhund was developed in order to preserve the overall working ability of the breed. Today, Schutzhund has evolved into a three phase dog sport, where dogs are tested in three training disciplines: tracking obedience and protection. Dogs who can pass all three phases in succession are awarded working designations which are recognized internationally. 


"For me and my family, dog training and specifically dog training in IPO is a way of life.  I have a great respect for the people I train with, the people I have learned my skills from and especially the dogs that I have worked with.  I have learned many valuable tools and believe strongly in the methods that I have developed in the last few years.  I believe anyone that applies these methods can obtain great things with their dogs.  There is no greater happiness than reaching your goals." - Steve Kemick