The Sturgeon Schutzhund Club is excited to offer an introduction to Schutzhund program, where you and your dog will be challenged in each phase of Schutzhund; tracking, obedience and protection. Group sessions are scheduled for an hour, but tend to run longer, as we try to put you in club rotation. This way, you get a feel of what it’s like to be a club member, while still being able to work with experienced handlers/trainers in a one-on-one environment. Students who successfully complete the introduction program are considered for club membership.


Intro to Tracking

You will receive two tracking sessions, where you will learn the fundamental skills to build your dog to track foot prints.

Intro to Obedience 

Three sessions in Schutzhund obedience, where you will learn the world of precision, inside the realm of obedience.   

Intro to Bite Work 

One session in bite work where we play a little "game" to see if we can unlock some instincts and have your dog chase prey.  

At the end of the day, if Schutzhund doesn’t work out for you or your dog; this program will prove to be invaluable, as you will learn how to apply modern training techniques, and carry forward teaching your pet for the foreseeable future.  

**We are happy to announce that our migration to a new location is almost complete; and, that we will resume our intro to IGP program in the summer 2020 *